Saffro Mellow Coatings And Resins



Two component, air-drying, Epoxy polyamide cured finish paint.

Recommended Use :-

It is recommended as a top coat for structures, pipelines, vessels, equipments and machineries, storage tanks etc. in fertilizers and chemical plant, cement plants, power plants, steel plants, pharmaceutical and petrochemical complexes, refineries etc. Product is also recommended for application over suitable primer for OEM industry like machine tools, pumps, machineries, transformers etc.

Physical Data

COLOUR : Assorted shades
FINISH : Glossy / Semi glossy
SOLIDS BY VOLUME : 40 ± 3% (Depends on shade)
THEORETICAL SPREADING RATE : 13.33 sq.mt / ltr at recommended DFT of 30 µ
FLASH POINT : Base: Above 23° C Hardener: Above 23° C
DRYING CHARACTERISTICS (At 30°C and 65% Relative humidity) : HARD DRY : Overnight FULL CURE : 7 Days
SHELF LIFE : BASE : 6 months HARDENER : 6 months

Surface Preparation

This being a topcoat, which is applied over, primer or intermediate coats, the surface should be free from oil, moisture, dust and dirt. Aged epoxy / PU coating should be roughened by emery paper grade 400 / 600 for better bonding.

Application Data :-

MIXING RATIO : Base : Hardener (As per our recommendation)
APPLICATION : By Brush / By Conventional Spray / By Airless Spray
POT LIFE : 4-6hrs min at 30 ° C
OVER COATING INTERVAL : MIN : 8 hours MAX : 24 hours
COMPATIBILITY : Can be over coated with PU, Chlorinated rubber and synthetic enamel paints.

Application Method

Stir the Base part thoroughly. Mix the base and hardener as per our recommended ratio, by volume. Stir the mix thoroughly to attain homogeneity. Allow the mixture to stand still (maturation) for about 10-15 minutes to initiate the reaction. Add Thinner Type 190 into the mix, if required, depending on application method, and stir thoroughly for few minutes. Strain the paint through Nylon filter cloth depending on type of finish selection and apply uniformly over the surface. All equipments used for above should be properly cleaned.

Application: By Brush / By Conventional Spray / By Airless Spray Generally for brush application no thinner is required, however under adverse environmental condition about 5% by volume thinner 002 can be added. Apply evenly in crossed manner, ensuring the uniform application. Use quality brushes for paint application

For Conventional Spray application :-

Thinner : 190
Addition : 5 - 15%
Nozzle Orifice : 1.2 -1.4 mm
Nozzle Pressure : 40-70 p.s.i.

For Airless Spray application :-

Thinner : 190
Addition : Max 5%, if required.
Nozzle Orifice : 0.28 0.37 mm
Nozzle Pressure : 1400-1800 p.s.i


1. Do not apply paint when temperature falls below 10°C or rises above 50°C and when Relative Humidity is above 85%, or during rain, fog or mist. Surface temperature must always be minimum of 3°C above Dew point.
2. Brushes and spray equipment should be cleaned with SAFFRO's recommended thinner otherwise equipment is liable to be damaged.
3. DFT variation can be obtained by change in application method.
4. Shelf life indicated is minimum for this Product in sealed conditions and it is subject to re-inspection thereafter. Individual component is required to be stored in cool, dry and covered condition, away from heat and ignition.
5. Products with amine curing agent are also available on request.

Health & Safety

This is a solvent based paint and care should be taken to avoid inhalation of spray mist or vapours as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin or eyes.

Limitation of Liability

To the best of our knowledge, the technical To the best of our knowledge, the technical data in our literature are true and accurate at the date of issuance but are subject to change without prior notice. We guarantee our product to conform to the specifications contained herein. We make no other warranty or guarantee of any kind, express or implied, including merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. Liability, if any, is limited to replacement of the product or refund of the purchased price. Labour or cost of labour and other consequential damages are hereby excluded.